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Guest Authoring and Blogging

Guest blogging has a variety of benefits in both SEO and in online promotions. SEO-wise, it can help with link building and promotion-wise, it can serve as another way to obtain target visitors.

Guest Blogging and SEO

Originally getting links from any kind of a website helped with your SEO rankings, then only relevant links, then only high PR relevant links, then high Alexa & high PR links, then all of the above plus relevance and/or from topically related domains. Currently, highly relevant links from sites that are obviously human edited and supported by other humans are the best links to get. Guest blogging happens to be the most effective and popular way to obtain these highly relevant links. Getting a link from a related blog that has a list of subscribers helps for a variety of reasons.

  1. They show that someone in your niche vouches for you
  2. They show that someone with a reputation vouches for you
  3. They show that someone that has built trust vouches for you

These are the simple reasons why high subscribed niche blog links help with SEO.

Guest Authoring and Promotion

Obtaining links from blogs provides many benefits to your online marketing initiatives. When you are recognized by bloggers in your niche, getting blogged about can almost compare to sending out an email blast. All of a sudden you notice a spike in traffic coming from readers, emails, and the blog itself. To top it off, the visitors are people already interested in your niche. If your website and content are legit or buzz-worthy, these visitors will repost something about your company to their blog as well, or even Google Plus, tweet or share your website on Facebook and other social media websites. Many top bloggers, new sites and other websites check other bloggers’ blogs routinely to see what they are talking about. Getting mentioned on one of these blogs can go a long way (viral).


Our link building experts can help you become a guest blogging pro, or guest author for you. We do everything from finding the top bloggers in your niche, sending emails and corresponding with them, to actually writing content for those sites and encouraging readers to share the posts, which contains links back to your website.

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