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91% of Employers are Screening Applicants Using Social Media

If you happen to be an SEO specialist looking for a job, it might be a good idea to make sure your social profiles are all cleaned up and represent your better side. According to Lab 42, 76% of your potential employees will look for you on Facebook, 53% on Twitter and 48% on LinkedIn. When asked the question ‘Do you use social networking sites to screen prospective employees?’, out of the 300 employers surveyed, 91% of them responded with “YES”.

Check out more stats in the infographic below;

Reppler Infographic

Looks like if you are looking for a job, better clean up your act (or at least online). Happy job hunting!

author: James Harrison

James Harrison is the lead SEO specialist at SEO by the Hour. He's been doing SEO and internet marketing since 2005. Using his extensive experience working with large corporate sites, small business sites and personal sites, he provides readers with tips and useful information to help them with their online marketing goals. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get posts straight to your inbox!


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