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7 Reasons Why YouTube is the Best and Should Be Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

7 Reasons Why YouTube Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

YouTube has been around for a very long time. Some of us may even remember back when YouTube wasn’t a Google company. We’ve all seen a YouTube video here and there, either shared on social networks, embedded on websites and/or even ranking on the first page of Google. Which leads to #1 on this list of reasons any website trying to get more traffic on the internet should consider leveraging YouTube in its favor. Enjoy!

#1 – YouTube Videos Rank on Google Search (Video SEO)

Billions of searches are conducted on Google Search. Besides just delivering us basic listings, Google provides a variety of post types. Post types include images, knowledge graphs, Google Maps local listings, AdWords ads, etc. But another key post type are video listings; videos straight from YouTube. It’s no surprise that Google promotes its own company on it’s own search engine. It’s also no surprise that we searchers actually like video results. Video listing stick out better than any other listing. If you see a YouTube video there’s a good chance you’re going to check it out.

So that’s one way to benefit from YouTube without even a user searching YouTube. But the next 5 reasons are actually reasons from within the YouTube website…

#2 – YouTube is the World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine

That’s right, more people search for things on YouTube than any other search engine other than Google. But if you think that’s amazing. Did you know that YouTube is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask & AOL combined?? Wow. Why in the world would you not want to have some type of presence on YouTube?

#3 – 3 Billion Searches a Month

To break down the last reason, YouTube is searched over 3 billion times a month. So just like you would search for something on Google, people are searching for something on YouTube, 3 billions times!

#4 – Fasting Growing Video Site

If one of the questions on Family Feud was “name a video site on the internet”, chances are YouTube would be at the top of the list with the number 98 next to it. Quite frankly, that’s because YouTube is the fastest growing video sharing website on the whole world wide web.

#5 – 1 Billion Unique Monthly Visitors

I know this isn’t the 1st time you read the word “billion” in this post. But do you understand how much that is? That’s a thousand millions! Or in other words, a heck-of-a-lot of people. Nearly 1 out of every 2 internet users are on YouTube (right now)! And here we are thinking about our FaceBook presence when it comes to social media marketing 😀

#6 – Tons and Tons of Video Content

While this reason has a reversed-outlook on why to get on YouTube, we still must address it. Nearly 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. So while that makes good reason for YouTube to be such a good reason for viewers to visit it and find content. It also presents another reason to get on YouTube. Just think about how many of your competitors are uploading videos to YouTube this minute. Think about how many followers your industry influencers and leaders are accumulating because they are leveraging YouTube in their favor. With 1 billion unique visitors and 3 billion searches a month going to YouTube, mixed in with millions of hours of video content, how many searchers are you losing out on??


Get on YouTube.

– Special Thanks to MozCon for this info. Rand’s talk on SEO had a lot of good info. 

Are you on YouTube?

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Good enough reasons for me. My only problem is creating the videos in the first place. Video production can be time consuming and expensive and hard to prove to the boss that it’s worth the budget.

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