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5 Reasons to Add SEMRush Keyword Research Toolset to Your SEO Arsenal

5 Reasons to Add SEMRush to Your SEO Arsenal

1. Powerful Keyword Research

SEMRush has been a leading keyword research tool for a very long time (nearly a decade). It’s arguably the best keyword research tool out there. Of course you could prefer Keyword Spy, SpyFu iSpionage, WordStream, etc.. you get the point. However, SEMRush presents keyword research data in it’s own unique way.

With SEMRush you can;

  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Discover long-tail keywords
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments

There are two ways to go about your keyword research.

  1. You can either search a particular keyword and find which sites are ranking for those terms.
  2. Or, you can search a competitor and learn exactly which keywords they are targeting, along with other information for both SEO & PPC.

I will admit that some of SEMRush’s competitors are just as competitive when it comes to keyword research, and that many marketers may even prefer others. But when you add the next 4 reasons to your toolbox, you’ll understand why SEMRush is pretty awesome and unique in it’s own right.

2. Backlink Research Tool

Enter a competitor into Backlink Research Tool and find all of the links pointing to their site, all the way down to the exact pages pointing to them. With SEMRush’s backlink tool, you can;

  • Conduct a deep link analysis
  • Understand referring domains’ authority
  • Check backlinks’ types
  • Spot your links’ geolocation

On top of that you can;

  • Check incoming links for a URL, domain, or root domain;
  • Understand how authoritative a referring domain is and where it is located;
  • See anchor texts;
  • View the URLs and titles of linking and target webpages;
  • Compare inbound links’ weight on competitors’ domains.

*(Different tool. But same category) SEMRush also features a Backlink Audit Tool, to help you identify naughty links in your backlink profile.

SEMRush really isn’t known for being a backlink research tool. But it’s quite powerful and with the combination of their notorious keyword research tool and for the other reasons I’ll mention below, you’ll see why having the link building option makes SEMRush one of the most versatile SEO toolsets in the book.

3. Keyword Rankings Tracker

With SEMRush, you can track how your target keywords are ranking on the search engines. What’s nice about this, is you wont need to pay for additional rank tracking software.

Also, you can see your rankings along with all of the other stats SEMRush provides in its powerful keyword research tool, all in one place.

4. Social Media Tool

SEMRush can even track your social media efforts. This includes;

  • Keeping track of your Social Media campaigns
  • Researching your competitors
  • Visualizing data
  • Finding which pages are getting the social networking engagement.

5. SEO Campaign Tracking “Projects”

Add your website, your target keywords, your competitors, and sync your social media accounts to SEMRush’s campaign section, and you’re pretty much ready to track all the progress your site makes as you proceed through your SEO campaign. Another great feature about this tool is its ability to have it routinely email you reports of overall search engine visibility and social media growth, compared to the competitors you decide to track as well.


With a toolset like SEMRush, you pretty much have everything you need. As mentioned above, it’s one of (if not the) best keyword research tools on the market. That alone makes SEMRush a great choice. But since other tool creators are offering so many additional features, SEMRush has kept up with (if not stayed ahead of) the competition.

Just imaging being able to research your industry, dissect the links pointing to your competition, track your keywords and social media efforts and so, so much more. Just think about the edge you could have over your competition and how you could make sure your internet marketing efforts are done strategically and efficiently.

Please don’t think that SEMRush is as limited as this post suggests. If I wrote about everything SEMRush has to offer and the things you could do with it, I’d have to start a blog series that lasted for months.

But here is a decent list of SEMRush features to give you an idea;

  • Organic Traffic Insights & Research
  • Paid Search Research
  • Display Advertising Research
  • Backlink Tool
  • Video Advertising Research
  • Social Media Tool
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • Product Listing Ads Research
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool
  • Domain Vs. Domain Tool
  • Site Auditor
  • Brand Monitoring
  • SEO Ideas
  • Backlink Audit Tool

Check out their recent post: 100 Updates in 1 Year. I swear, every time I use SEMRush, I discover new features that they added to keep them ahead of the competition.

SEMRush is the best research tool for PPC professionals, advertising consultants, marketeers and even business owners. But it’s also a great tool for SEO specialists!

Just give SEMRush a try and see for yourself how powerful it really is. They offer a limited free option, as well as paid options that you can trial-test absolutely risk-free!


  • Do you use SEMRush?
  • Do you prefer a competitor over SEMRush?
  • How has SEMRush helped you with your online marketing efforts?

author: James Harrison

James Harrison is the lead SEO specialist at SEO by the Hour. He's been doing SEO and internet marketing since 2005. Using his extensive experience working with large corporate sites, small business sites and personal sites, he provides readers with tips and useful information to help them with their online marketing goals. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get posts straight to your inbox!


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