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10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

You can have a nice website with top search engine rankings that obtains tons of traffic. However, if your website isn’t converting impressions and clicks into conversions (sales, leads, etc.), what good is it?

If you provide goods or services, the end goal of your website is most likely to convert visitors into consumers. Below are a few conversion optimization tweaks you could make to your site to start increasing your conversions right away.

1. Make Sure Your Primary Goal is Clear to the Visitors

Identify the primary goal of your website. Whether it’s a form fill, phone call, purchase or even some type of onpage performance metric, you must know exactly what it is you want your visitors to do. Then tell them to do it. (IE: “Sign up takes less than 60 seconds”). Whatever it is, make it easy for your users to convert/achieve your goal.

2.  Make Sure Visitors Can Convert within 2 Seconds from Anywhere

Whenever the customer/visitor/client is ready to covert or needs to know it’s time to convert, they should be able to do so instantly. The moment that visitor is ready to turn into a conversion, make that conversion available within 2 seconds. A good rule of thumb; you should be able to go anywhere within your website and count 2 seconds to get your your goal.

3. Make Sure Visitors Can Easily Contact Your Company

To be trust worthy, you must list all of the ways to get contacted. The more ways you can be contacted and the more available that information is, the better.

4. Make Noticeable Value Proposition(s)

Give your visitors an incentive or reason to convert. Then ask yourself if it’s obvious (ie: “best”, “free estimate”, “oldest”, “demo”, “free shipping”, etc)

I use Trek Super Store in examples because they do a good job with there conversion optimization. Plus I love my MTB 🙂

5. Trust Optimization

A few simple ways to gain users’ trust is to be involved in various associations or groups within your industry and if you are, display the logos. Or if you are an e-commerce store, adding secure shopping cart, malware-free shopping badges, etc. Make the visitors trust your brand by utilizing badges, “Verfisign”, and even creating those boring legal pages like the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, FAQ’s. At the end of it all you have to truly look at your website and ask yourself would you give them your credit card information or hire them for a service? TRUST.

6. Create a FAQ & Support Section

This is kind of going off the last tip. But creating a page dedicated to FAQs shows that you have experience answering questions often. They also get questions answered to eliminate barriers or wasted time. Think about all possible questions you would ask if you were skeptical of your website, then address them.  The underlying questions within all FAQs are “why should I trust you?” or “What’s in it for you (or me)?” Also, make sure it’s easy to get support from you.

7. Reverse All Risks

Think about every possible thing that could be preventing a conversion. Too many pages through shopping cart? too long of a lead form? ugly website? anything. Then fix them. Think about why a person just doesn’t trust you enough to convert or just doesn’t know how to convert or anything in between. Just think about anything hindering a visitor from becoming a converter and fix ’em. Even better, reverse the risk by providing returns, refunds, guarantees, etc. (Interesting Example: If you don’t love.., call or email us & we’ll refund every penny immediately.)

You’ll also want to lower your bounce rate. Consider all reasons why someone would visit your website, then click the back button, and fix it!

8. Price Anchoring

Make price seem like a bargain or “The Contrast Principle.” For the price of a .., you can get…. Show slashes through higher price than what you are selling it for. Talk about how the competition is charging so much more. Discounted

9. Include Testimonials & Case Studies

Proof your product works in your customers words. “I’ve saved $200 per month alone in file folder savings…” Or have a ratings and reviews section for your products. Allowing users to review encourages users to buy when they know that they can share what they think when they receive the products. Seeing others with successful purchases or good experiences with services you offer also improves chances of conversion.

10. Increase Site Speed

The slower a site, the less user friendly it will be. Google has said that a site’s speed directly affects its ranking potential. In addition, there are many studies showing that faster page loading times significantly improve conversion rates. So get on over to Google PageSpeed Insights and make sure your site is quick enough for the world wide web!



SEO leads have a 15% close rate, on par with the close rate for direct traffic, and ahead of referrals (9%), paid search (7%), social media (4%), and outbound leads (2%)

– (Marketing Charts)

author: James Harrison

James Harrison is the lead SEO specialist at SEO by the Hour. He's been doing SEO and internet marketing since 2005. Using his extensive experience working with large corporate sites, small business sites and personal sites, he provides readers with tips and useful information to help them with their online marketing goals. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get posts straight to your inbox!


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