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Our SEO Strategies Helped Satellite Phone Store See a 5.6 Average Search Engine Ranking Improvement for 1,000+ Keywords

  • 18.34% Increased Organic Sessions
  • 5.65% New Organic Users
  • 85.39% Increased Organic Conversion Rate
  • 119.38% Increased Organic Transactions
  • 132.43% Increased Organic Revenue
  • 1 Super Ecstatic Client

REVENUE UP 65% IN 2018!

Steady As She Grows


Took a Few Months, But...



Compare January to October

Years ago we helped a laboratory obtain top rankings for so many solid terms, the client literally did not need us anymore. No problem, it happens. Several years later (current client & partner of past client) came to SEO by the Hour looking for the same results.

We can easily brag about the things we’ve done to help this website & product line go from zero to industry winners; but here’s what the boss said:

I have used James’ services for two different companies over the past several years. He has been very successful in achieving SEO results and increasing the visibility of my websites. James is also a pleasure to work with. I would recommend James as an SEO expert to anyone.

Scott Nielsen – VP, Nielsen Biosciences

Tee Fury asked SEO by the Hour to provide them with a comprehensive SEO audit and competitor analysis report. After days of researching t-shirts, popular culture topics and getting distracted by cool products, SEO by the Hour delivered a tactical report with step-by-step strategies.

Here’s what they thought of SEO by the Hour’s SEO Audit

“We hired SEO by the Hour to do an audit of our site after we noticed a drop in our organic traffic. James put together a phenomenal report detailing why we were down in traffic and how to fix the problems. Within a month after correcting the problems according to his plan, our traffic was back up and we were ranking higher than most of our competitors. James knows his stuff!”

Josh Carter, Director UX, TeeFury

James Harrison is a phenomenal public speaker.

James has spoken at conferences, lectured classes, and has taught in-house employees the ropes of SEO. In fact, after speaking at a conference, he became the go-to SEO marketing specialist for a whole association…


To learn more about how SEO by the Hour helps the SSIA and it’s members, feel free to ask!

The Lead SEO manager of Mitsubishi Electronics needed help with fulfillment. What better person to ask for help than San Diego-based SEO specialist James Harrison?


James provided a full audit & implementation suggestions. Then was later asked to work with the top 25 interactive agency web team to get the changes implemented. Shortly after, Mitsubishi MegaView was ranking #1 (and sometimes #2) for every one of its target terms. As a result, Mitsubishi MegaView was able to dominate the video wall monitors industry.


To this day, people from that Mitsubishi project refer clients to SEO by the Hour. It was a pleasure to work with such a great brand and an honor to work with the SEO manager.

In January 2013, an apartment complex in Chula Vista, California needed an SEO company to help with their brand-new website. Their goal was to rank on the 1st page of Google by summer, in order to fill a certain % of the apartments by Fall.

The site was already getting a little bit of organic brand queries. We estimated that they could see results in 6 months, simply because SEO is a “catching up with the competition” type of service. The traffic didn’t budge for nearly 3 months! The client was beginning to wonder what was up, but remained hopeful because rankings and search engine visibility metrics kept increasing month after month.


It wasn’t until we completed about 70% of our contracted tasks that we started seeing results. When we established its authority and met various metrics, it jumped up to the first page of Google for nearly every term we were targeting.


It was a long 100 days, but when the results kicked in, the payoff was worth it and everyone was happy.

Please Note: Due to various reasons such as brand privacy, NDA’s, competitors, etc., we cannot publicly brag as much as we like. However, more details can be provided, upon contact. Feel free to ask!


Quick 2018 Case Study

  • Early in March, Google Warns of Mobile-1st
  • Mid-March, Mobile-1st “Roll-out” Begins
  • Mid-March, SEO by the Hour Provided Lighthouse Recommendations
  • Mid-April, Competitors Lose Visibility
    • As a Result, Client Capitalizes & Makes More $$$
Client Versus Competition After Mobile 1st

Why should you hire SEO by the Hour over all the other search engine optimization consultants and agencies?

We could give you many reasons why, but so could the others. The best way to figure this question out is to research each company that interests you and find out what sets them apart. Try to find out if they are offering anything unique, or if they have experience working in your industry. Ask them if they can provide past successes, recommendations or proof that they can successfully do SEO as of the year 2013. If you start asking enough questions, you’ll get to the truth real quick. The fact is, many SEO companies out there either provide the lowest form of SEO marketing, while others are simply amateurs and only have experience getting their own sites to rank. You owe it to yourself and your business to make sure you hire a professional. Contact us and see how transparent we are about our experience, strategies and services. We look forward to speaking with you about how our business can help yours.


At SEO by the Hour, we offer a variety of organic SEO services ranging from strategic website optimization to advanced post-update link building.


Just like you were still able to find this website ranking on the SERPs today, you can find our clients ranking for some of the most competitive keywords across the board. All strategies we implement are with the future in mind. We knew Google was going to release new algorithm updates and we expect more to come. (We’re actually looking forward to them.) If you need a professional hands-on search engine optimization specialist to help your site obtain rankings, traffic and revenue, look no further. We’re here to help.

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