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Search engine optimization involves much more than keyword placement, meta tags and basic submissions…

Website Optimization / Onpage SEO

Once the target keywords are chosen, it’s time to place those keywords throughout your site in locations proven to help websites perform well on search engines. In order for a website to rank high for a particular term, it must be the most relevant site to that given term or topic and relevancy includes contextual verbiage, supporting topics, keyword mentions, Google suggestions relation and many more factors.

GOOGLEBOT needs to be able to crawl through your site and by the time it gets done reading, it must feel that your page is the most relevant page to satisfy its searchers needs. We will use a variety of professional white hat SEO optimization techniques and services to not only make your site the most search engine friendly and relevant; but also to ensure all content is pure and natural.

Domain Optimization & Validation

Technical SEO strategy is one of our favorite SEO services. A good rule of thumb is to always make sure that you’re website is error free and updated to the latest web industry standards. The last thing your site needs is for a search engine spider to come to it and get stuck, lost, or to fall off a broken path because of some missed errors. Each search engine has its own spiderbot, and each bot reads your site differently. However, no matter how they read your site, your coding must be written correctly so that the bots can read and index your whole site.

Another variable in most search engines algorithms is page load time. Most website owners don’t realize how much faster their site could be if they only implemented several tweaks or codes. We also work with redirecting, rewriting and programming. We will make sure your whole sites is indexed, that the bots only go to the pages you desire, that your site is canonicalized, and that all 301, 404, 501’s errors are in addressed.

“Surveys show that over 85% of internet users find new websites by using search engines. Other surveys show that after email, search-engines are the most popular activity on the web. It’s a fact Search Engine Optimization must be a necessary part of your online marketing strategy.”

OnPage SEO

Search engine optimization involves a variety of tasks including onpage optimization and off-site promotion/link building.

Our onpage optimization services include (but not limited to);

  • Meta data analysis and implementation
  • Structural and navigation analysis
  • HTML and XML sitemap creation
  • Structured & Micro-data
  • XML sitemap submissions to search engines
  • Broken links discovery and fixing
  • Canonicalization (Non-www/www)
  • Content relevancy analysis
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Fixing pages with missing or duplicate title tags and meta data
  • Heading (H1, H2, H3, etc.) optimization
  • Internal linking and text based navigation
  • Optimization of Images (file names & alternative attributes “alt tags”)

SEO by the Hour is a San Diego-based search engine optimization company that offers all of the above services to help your website obtain top search engine results.

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