We take our 10+ years of link building experience, along with TODAY's algorithm demands
and develop custom inbound marketing strategies that will improve your bottom-line.


If you are looking for a combination of cutting-edge, basic, tried n’ true, white-hat link building strategies that will not only directly send you traffic but will also indirectly increase your authority and search rankings, this package is for you.

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  • Content Assessment
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis
  • Best Industry Backlink
  • Keyword & Content Gaps
  • Referral Traffic Analysis
  • Baseline Reporting
  • Discovered Opportunities
  • Prioritized Checklist

I have used SEO by the Hour for two different companies over the past several years. They have been very successful in achieving SEO results and increasing the visibility of my websites. James is also a pleasure to work with. I would recommend SEO by the Hour to anyone.

Scott Nielsen – Vice President – Nielsen BioSciences


Our “link building” services focus on a combination of inbound marketing tactics designed to connect
your site to industry authorities, influencers and most importantly your target audience.


Why Link Building?

Link Management - We Build Links and Manage SuccessNot only do you need powerful and thoughtful content, you need links from other sites to prove to the engines that your websites is worth attracting visitors. WHO gives you the links and WHY they give you the links are the keys to a successful link building campaign. To rank well on search engines, you need backlinks (links that when clicked on lead back to your site). Backlinks are considered votes in the search engine bots’ eyes. Over time, the search engines had to find ways to filter through millions of sites with content relevant to users’ search queries. How do they choose which site should be #1? Most of the time, the #1 site is the site with the most industry related ‘votes’ (backlinks). Other sites must vote for you. This is why link building is extremely important. It’s a popularity contest. Besides having the best content, you need other sites to verify that by linking to your site. Google assumes if website ‘b’ and ‘c’ both have links pointing to website ‘a’, then website ‘a’ must be a reputable site that has other websites finding use in its content. After all, why else would another website/webmaster link to it? With all the recent algorithm updates and changes in link acquisition, it’s important to hire a link building expert to help you achieve top results.

Professional Link Building Services

Link Building is one of the most important SEO strategies to attract visitors to your site. Link building should be the core of any online marketing campaign. Once you create a site that you feel visitors are looking for and have written keyword rich content, link building is necessary so other sites and users can find what you have to offer. Furthermore, Google and other search engines are known to trust websites with a high number of quality incoming links counting as ‘votes’ from other websites.

Depending on the business niche, a webmaster may need to obtain hundreds or thousands of links to make their website shoot up to Google’s top spot. This is not an easy job, nor can it be done overnight, however it is manageable. Many of your competitors have 100’s of backlinks (if not 1,000’s) securing their top search engine rankings. SEO by the Hour provides link building services that can give you immediate results and help your site catch up with the competition that is already enjoying top position revenues.


Link Development & Link Building Consulting

Say you have the man power and/or the time to do the link building yourself, but you are unsure where to start. This is where a link building consultant comes in.

I’ll create an SEO link building  game plan specific to your website. I’ll examine your target keywords, niche, and competition to determine the best strategy for you. From there, I’ll tell you how to do what you need to do. But don’t worry I’ll equip you with the tools, plan, strategies, templates, lists, etc to get you on your way. We can even schedule routine consultations to keep you on track and to track your progress. Whatever you need, I’ll help you with it. I will show you exactly why I am a link building expert and how to use link building to help you obtain top rankings just like me!

As we dissect your competitors’ backlink profiles and
inbound marketing strategies, we stay focused on identifying
key opportunities that will enhance your online presence

Our link building strategies are custom-built and ROI-driven,
based on your competitors’ inbound strategies,
your industry, and your site’s potential. 

We are experts in both providing specific recommendations
to various team members as well as verses enough
in all website aspects to provide the services internally.

A successful SEO link building campaign depends on two underlying factors: Who links to you and Why do they link to you.


Allow us to leverage these inbound marketing tools in your favor.


Majestic SEO has been one of our favorite link building tools for well over 7 years now!


HootSuite is an industry leading social media marketing and management tool for strategic industry reach.

Dead Link Checker Backlink Tool Logo

Dead Link Checker is a tool we use to identify broken links on industry sites to target for broken link building.

SpyFu Competittor Tool

SpyFu is a great tool that helps us connect our monitored linking campaigns to keyword research data.