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SEO Campaign Questions

How many keywords will you target?
(Question asked by potential (and now current) client after receiving a $1,175/mo. proposal)

Unless the client is like a $500/mo client only trying to rank for 1-3 keywords, we try to stay away from targeting a specific number of keywords. Mainly because we believe solid, white-hat SEO will make a website relevant enough to naturally rank for everything it’s (already) about. You could also lose out on the benefits of long tail terms that could quickly send you traffic and/or additional traffic, if you focus too much on a certain # of terms. BUT, even with all that being said, we do track almost any number of terms’ rankings and traffic, and we will always do our best to improve those rankings and make those reports full of green upward arrows. So if you have a set # of keywords, no problem. And yes, we do put very extensive research into which terms we should target.

Link Building Campaign Questions

How many links will you get for us a month?
(Question asked by potential client after receiving a $1,250/mo. proposal, and after long discussion on importance of link quality and the efforts to obtain the links that truly count.)

Based on the strength of your competitors (see attached), I believe we need ~190 solid links to match your biggest competitor ———— and to dominate your industry. But it’s very possible to start getting a few solid 1st page rankings for a handful of terms, once we obtain anywhere from 8-53 links (based on competitors A,B, & C). But all of this is assuming that all links are equal (which we know isn’t true), so the actual value of each links we obtain will really determine the true number of links needed to win on the SERP’s.

Schedule: 53 Links within 6 months and 190 total Links within 12 Months.
Goal: Initiate link building campaign almost immediately and try to get as many links as possible, as soon as possible.

If you want us to obtain a set number of links that meet a certain metric every month, please tell me your desires (or our competitors’ quotes) and we will let you know if we can match it.


It really depends on which stage of the link building process or focus of the link building campaign.

For example: One month we may need 10+ guest blog posts, that might staggeringly go live over a couple months only producing 5 links per month. Another month, we could be focusing all our efforts on submissions and listing sites, with only 75% of them going live within 60 days. Another month we can produce a piece of content like a infographic that gets shared socially and attracts links and gets us well over 50 links within a couple weeks. Sometimes we can do a combination of these tactics along with many others.

How many links we obtain will vary. But, if you have a link quota request, we can check that number against a few metrics (such as total target keywords, competitors’ total links, total needed links, total potential link sites, industry depth & link acquisition success rate). We’ll let you know if that quota is feasible. Our proposals take into account the estimated efforts needed to increase search visibility and rankings. We pretty much need to ‘fill up a cup’ or reach a certain level with outrank the competition. How much “juice” (and relevancy signals) we get per link will vary, and it is hard to predict how many links it will take to reach your goals without some form of action.