Resources Resources

  • Local Business Listings – A list of all the local business directories worth submitting your local business to.
  • Tools, Tools, Tools. – Internet marketing and SEO tools to make performing SEO a breeze.
  • SEO Specialist Jobs – Sample SEO Specialist job description, SEO Specialist job openings, SEO Specialist salaries, etc.
  • Straight from Google – All things Google, Inc & SEO, links, quotes, patents, etc. (Google’s Take on SEO)
  • Search Engine CTRs & Position Share – Search engine position share charts from all over the net.

External Resources (Sites)

SEO Resources

Search Engine Resources

Link Building Resources

  • Link Value Factors – Very similar to Moz’s ranking factors, but focused on backlinks and link building.

Social Media Resources

Internet Resources

  • WordPress Usage Stats – Report on usage stats and market share of WordPress sites on the web.
  • HTML <link> rel Attribute – Link Attribute resources and list of values & descriptions.
  • HARO – Help a Reporter Out. Another way to get mentioned by journalists.

If you would like to see other online marketing and SEO resources on this page, please let us know.