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You Have to Catch Up to the Competition, FIRST


In the SEO world getting top placement on the first page of Google is the ultimate goal. Much like a race others in your industry are competing not only to get there first but to maintain the position.

Chances are if you are just starting an SEO campaign there is already competition out there. How do you catch up? You might be late to the race however with the help of an experienced SEO expert it’s possible to catch up and even outrank the competition. Continue reading “You Have to Catch Up to the Competition, FIRST” »

Google AdWords & Analytics Presentation at SSIA Conference

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to speak at the SSIA (Sport & Social Industry Association) conference at the W Hotel in downtown San Diego.

Below is my Google AdWords & Analytics presentation on Slideshare.

Questions and answers time was cut short, so if you have any questions, comment them below or email me at

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10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

You can have a nice website with top search engine rankings that obtains tons of traffic however, if your website isn’t converting impressions and clicks into conversions (sales, leads, etc.), what good is it? If you provide a good or services the end goal of your website is most likely to convert visitors into consumers. Below are a few adjustments you could make to your website to start increasing your conversions right away. Continue reading “10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate” »

Influencer Marketing Done Right by CC Chapman – Social Fresh Recap

I was fortunate enough to win a pass from SEMPO to attend the Social Fresh West Conference here in San Diego, California. This came at a good time because I’m currently in the process of giving social media a bigger slice of our SEO marketing pie for our clients, because as many of you know, social media is not only getting hotter, it’s also infiltrating the search engine algorithms. So when I was called with the news that I won a pass to learn social media from some true and proven experts, you can imagine how excited I was. Continue reading “Influencer Marketing Done Right by CC Chapman – Social Fresh Recap” »