Let’s Talk About EMD’s & What Google is Really Penalizing

EMD-vs-Other-factorsThose of us that have been doing SEO for a long time (or even just a few years) will never forget the power of exact match domains (EMD) ranking in the SERPs. A few years ago, you could buy an EMD, build a few links to it and viola, you’re ranking on the 1st page of Google in no time. Since then Google has lowered the power EMDs have with a few updates. But how much power did they really take away from them? Do they still have a good chance at ranking? Well, let’s study the history, effectiveness, Google’s stance and the current state of EMDs. Read more


15 Tips to Do Influencer Marketing Right by @CC_Chapman #socialfresh Recap

I was fortunate enough to win a pass from SEMPO to attend the Social Fresh West Conference here in San Diego, California. This came at a good time because I’m currently in the process of giving social media a bigger slice of our SEO marketing pie for our clients, because as many of you know, social media is not only getting hotter, it’s also infiltrating the search engine algorithms. So when I was called with the news that I won a pass to learn social media from some true and proven experts, you can imagine how excited I was.

For the next few days, I’m going to provide you with some revised notes I took during this conference. And since I’m an SEO specialist, you can bet that these notes will have some search ideas mixed in with them.


The 1st speaker up was CC Chapman. He’s an ‘influencer’ (someone that can really launch your online presence if they were to tweet, Facebook, blog, etc. something for you). His lecture was titled “Influencer Marketing Done Right”, where he shares from an influencer’s perspective how to pick, pitch and benefit from an influencer.

He 1st gave a quick definition on what is influencer marketing, then dived right into how to do it right…

Here are 15 tips he provided to help us with our influencer marketing efforts:

1. Influencer Marketing Takes Time and Planning (SUCCESS = PLANNING) - You can’t just go do a quick search of influencers, pitch them all something and expect a return without studying which ones would be a good fit, their interests, how they could benefit your campaign and other important factors that will determine if they give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and how involved they will get in your campaign.

2. Two Way Relationship – It’s going to be incredibly hard or cost a ton of money to expect an influencer to want to work with you without having some form of a relationship. Be it personal, professional or because you guys share interests.

3. Time Is Valuable – None of us likes getting emails in our email box that’s a waste of our time, nor should we be wasting others’ time. If you can’t take the time to get on the influencer’s good side, then not only are you wasting their time, it shows what type of respect you have for your own time.

4. Choosing Influencers -Do the research, use tools, stalk, network, whatever it takes to identify the very best person that if mentioned you in their networks could literally boost your business. Just doing a Google search or seeing who has the most followers isn’t going to cut it.

5. Contacting Influencers – When contacting influencers, remember chances are you aren’t the 1st person to contact them today and they are most likely busy people. So keep it straight-up & quick.

6. Clear Expectations – Before you even contact an influencer, make sure you know exactly how you are going to measure success. Once you know that, determine what exactly you need the influencer to do in order for their help to actually help. IE: I need you to tweet this on this day, FB this on that day and share this photo on such and such day. This way you don’t leave any room for the influencer to wonder what the heck you want. If you don’t know what you need, why should an influencer want to have anything to do with you?

7. Provide Them with Everything They’ll Need – Make it real easy for the influcenr to have everything they need; links, videos, images, references, press releases, documents, and maybe even access to a Google Drive or drop box area to download whatever they have in mind. The last thing the influencer wants to do is search the net for a logo or for an article you referenced.

8. Think Beyond the Launch – Okay, so the influcner says “yeah, I’ll do it” and they do. Do you know what to do next? Are you ready to interact with 100 people on social networks or on your blog? Are you’re landing pages, goals, measuring tools in order? Do you have any next steps? These are all questions you need squared away before even looking for the influencer.

9. Build Friendships Between Participants - Whatever you get the influencer to do, aim to get their followers involved  and to participate in something or with each other. If you get 2 followers to connect or follow each other, that can have a lasting effect on your brand and what you did to get them connected.

10. Shine Your Light on All that is Created – Whatever comes out of this campaign make sure you amplify it by tweeting it yourself, sharing it with your friends on FB, blogging about it, sharing on yoru website, etc. The influencer just has the power to get it in front of others. Make sure it’s known that you are the actual brains behind the campaign.

11. Constant Communications – It may take emails, phone calls, chitty chats, before, during and after your influcenr marketing campaign to make the best of it, with both the influencers and the people the influencer’s reach.

12. Adventures Rarely Go as Planned – There are going to be bumps in the road. Don’t expect everything to go as smoothly as you hope. It could be something like the influencer takes weeks to respond or only does these type of things a certain week of the month, or maybe he’s open to all your requests except one. Maybe a few people respond negatively to your campaign or even worst, a form all this was surrounded around broke. Anticipate hiccups so that you are prepared mentally or have plan B’s in place.

13. Whoever is Running the Program is Empowered – If its your receptionist, link builder, social media expert, whoever running this campaign, make sure that person is empowered and has full reign. Give them permissions, options, tools, time, whatever they need to make the campaign a success. The last thing you want is for that person to not know how to respond, not know and answer to a question, or for the campaign to fall short because you couldn’t provide them with a few extra tools, bucks or permissions.

14. Keep Those Relationship Growing - CC made it clear that staying in contact with the influencer well after the campaign is a great form of gratitude and could later turn into more opportunities. Also keep the relationships you created with the influencer’s followers going. Who knows, maybe you are on your way to becoming an influencer yourself.

15. A few Extra Tips – Don’t mail merge. Don’t use name if you don’t know them. Don’t all caps email titles, Don’t be fake (IE: I read your blog, yadayadayada…)

Aren’t these some helpful and powerful tips to keep in mind next time you reach out to someone that could potentially make or break your online marketing efforts?


5 Global Recruiting Trends To Help You Land Your Dream Job

LinkedIn Talent Solutions created an awesome infographic for professionals looking to land a dream job, by utilizing recruiting agencies.

The 5 Trends Are:

  1. Recruiters are relying more and more on social professional networks to find you.
  2. Recruiters are increasingly using data to make better hiring decisions.
  3. Employers are investing more in managing their reputations.
  4. Companies want your next career move to be in-house, not to the competition.
  5. Companies are trying to figure out ‘mobile recruiting’ so they can connect with candidates like you who are on the go.

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91% of Employers are Screening Applicants Using Social Media

If you happen to be an SEO specialist looking for a job, it might be a good idea to make sure your social profiles are all cleaned up and represent your better side. According to Lab 42, 76% of  your potential employees will look for you on Facebook, 53% on Twitter and 48% on LinkedIn. When asked the question ‘Do you use social networking sites to screen prospective employees?’, out of the 300 employers surveyed, 91% of them responded with “YES”.

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Search Engine Ranking Factors Updated

Over the past 3 years, I pretty much let my site go. I haven’t updated the content, nor have I tried to promote it on the search engines. As a result, my site’s rankings have gradually slipped positions. I still haven’t had much time to update the website. But when I saw my Top Search Engine Rankings page, I realized that many of those factors were updated, and the last thing I wanted my visitors to think is that what I believe to affect search engines rankings are factors from 2010. So I updated the factors list..

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Joining the San Diego SEO Meetup & the SEMPO Speaker Bureau

Most people that know me don’t know this about me, but I’m kind of a shy guy. Many tests I’ve taken have pretty much labeled me as an introvert. I’m not that guy that demands attention, nor do I even care if anyone notices me. These may be reasons why I became an SEO specialist. Because, I can do effective work without having to be part of a big company, go door to door, talk on the phone, etc. Unfortunately things are changing. Nowadays, if you want to rank well on Google you have to find ways to stick out. You have to get others to notice you. Heck you may even have to do things offline to get recognized and to build authority. So me being the diligent SEO that I am, I decided to take some big (for me) steps to I guess make a name for myself. I decided to join a local meetup group that I’ve been seeing around and to sign up as a speaker for an organization I’ve pretty much only been a member of.

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SEO by the Hour Launches New Blog, Finally :P

So after years of blogging at JameSEO.com and helping clients with their blogging and WordPress optimization, I finally decided to install a blog onto SEO by the Hour. It’s not that I want to be responsible for writing rock-solid blog posts or because I love to write about stuff on my mind. I simply had to do it because Google is pretty much demanding some form of content creation for authorship, relevancy and other factors dealing with SEO. Plus all of my competitors are blogging, so I really don’t have a choice. To top it off, I’ve seen first hand blogs help websites in the SERP’s. So in a way, I’m excited about this.

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