SEO by the Hour

I’ve noticed a dramatic upswing in site visits over the last three months!!! yea! I attribute this huge upswing solely to my strong presence on Google.

– Dale Fletcher

If you already have an idea of what you need and how many hours you want to allocate to it, you can purchase your hours here.  Or maybe, your budget only allows for you to buy the most effective handful of hours. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking for SEO by the Hour, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Delivered within a month

  • The most efficient time spent

  • Performed by a professional

  • Comes with reports & updates

4 Hour Minimum
Whether it’s a quick 1 hour tweak of a ½ day’s work, the bare minimum for new clients is 4 hours.
275 USD

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10 Hours
Save money when you buy more upfront. Can be split however you like and over any timespan.
600 USD

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20 Hours
Whether it’s a quick 1 hour tweak of a ½ day’s work, the bare minimum for new clients is 4 hours.
1,000 USD

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Hourly SEO Services

Do you have a project that you need done ASAP? Like, yesterday? We totally understand, and if time permits, we can help.

We recommend contacting us, or chatting with us in the text box below to make sure we can complete your project by your desired deadline.

  • Delivered within a month

  • Most Efficient SEO hours online

  • Comes with Reports & Updates

4 Hrs with 48 Hours
Need it done within 48 hours? We can help.
400 USD

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10 Hours
Will be completed within 6 Business Days
750 USD

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20 Hours
Will be completed within 10 Business Days
1,250 USD

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Did you know you could get my services for as low as $50/hr?

I’m currently building my hours and portfolio at a couple freelance websites. If you are open to purchasing hours via a trusted freelancing network and don’t have a problem being on my public portfolio, you can get my services at almost ½ my typical rates.

I Literally just created these profiles in July 2015

How It Works

Because there's no time to waste..


Buy however many hours you want completed with budget.


Immediately, we will discuss your site goals and working desires.


We will provide you with what we believe we should accomplish within allotted hours.


You say, ``that's great, I approve hourly estimate``


Once receive the green light, we ill implement and complete service before agreed deadline.


Pricing is based on a number of factors including (but not limited to):

  • Total Hours Purchasing
  • Payment Plan
  • Timeline
  • Project Size

Below are several packages/options that might be perfect for your online marketing goals.

  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation + Followup Report = $125
  • Extensive Site Audit + Step by Step Strategy + 1 Hour Phone/Screen Share Consultation = $500
  • 20 Hours Prepaid Completed in 1-6 Months = $1,000 (Biggest Savings) (Perfect for Agencies/White-label)
  • 20 Hours Prepaid Completed within 2 Weeks $1,650
  • Standard Pay-As-You-Go, Billed Twice a Month $85/hr.

We also provide monthly campaigns starting at $1,250/mo., as well as pay-per-performance programs.

If you have any questions, feel free to call (858) 649-6525 or contact us here, today!

Not Sure How Many Hours You Need?

Call us, email us, Skype us, or chat with us below.

  • Did You Know

Each hourly package order includes up to 1 FREE hour for emails, phone calls, messages, generating reports, etc.