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There's a huge possibility that 1,000's of people are searching for the services & goods you offer. The question is, where do you fall on their search?

How do you know which SEO specialist will help your business achieve its' online goals?

Why should you hire SEO by the Hour over all the other search engine optimization consultants and agencies? We could give you many reasons why, but so could the others. The best way to figure this question out is to research each company that interests you and find out what sets them apart. Try to find out if they are offering anything unique or if they have experience working in your industry. Ask them if they can provide past successes, recommendations or proof that they can successfully do SEO as of the year 2014. If you start asking enough questions, you'll get to the truth real quick.

The fact is, many SEO companies out there either provide the lowest form of SEO marketing, while others are simply amateurs and only have experience getting their own sites to rank. You owe it to yourself and your business to make sure you hire a professional that will help your business grow.

James Harrison is one of the most dedicated SEO specialists, on the forefront of SEO strategy & has proven his capabilities with the results achieved...

- Sam Kim (SEM Manager at Life Technologies)

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