Top Quality Services

The SEO services provided by SEO by the Hour are unmatched & cannot be found anywhere else. Our unique approach will impress you & the search engines.

ROI Driven Results

Besides being experts in helping websites rank on the 1st page of Google, results in our eyes are based on traffic, conversions & your bottom line

Tracking & Reporting

You will be able to track every task 24/7 with your personal login & expect ongoing reports outlining what we've helped you accomplish with detailed reports.

Your Success is Priority #1

Tell us your goals and what your site needs in order to be successful. We'll take care of the rest.

1. Discover

From professional keyword research to extensive competitive analysis, SEO by the Hour will discover what it takes for your site to compete

2. Plan

Besides possessing a proprietary effective SEO agenda, we also like to take the uniqueness of your website and industry to determine how to dominate your niche

3. Execute

More importantly, our team of SEO specialists aim to execute strategies developed from steps 1 & 2, efficiently and effectively.

4. Deliver

Best of all, our search engine optimization services delivers the results that you've hired SEO by the Hour to obtain. Plus, we'll provide you with clear reports outlining our achievements and goals.

We Love Reports

One of our favorite parts of our services is reporting. While sometimes the results speak for themselves, it’s always nice to present our clients with detailed reports that include what we've accomplished, progress we made, plans for the next 30 days, standings against the competition, and other awesome things we may have noticed. We deliver reports on the 1st and 15th of every month. We can also provide you will direct to email software generated reports, as well as a login to reporting modules in case you feel like checking how things are going at 3 o'clock in the morning. Click here to contact us today!
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  • Sam Kim - SR. SEM Analyst
    I have had the pleasure of working with James and have gained a tremendous amount of insight, from the fundamentals of SEO to the most recent and advanced tactics. James is a highly dedicated search engine optimization specialist, is on the forefront of SEO strategy and has proven his capabilities with the results he has achieved. He displays high integrity in his work which is a valuable trait, particular in this industry.
    Sam Kim - SR. SEM Analyst / PetCo Animal Supplies, Inc.