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It's 2014 and SEO just isn't what it used to be. SEO companies can't just go and submit websites to 100's of directories and add keywords to a few places on webpages to obtain top positions. Today, Google's algorithms are demanding far more than that.

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Are you looking for an SEO specialist with experience? We've been performing SEO since '05 and have worked at and with some of the largest marketing agencies in the world, helping many websites obtain top search engine rankings.

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We deliver results, plain and simple. There's nothing more important to us and to your business than for our SEO experts to help you obtain top organic rankings, more search engine traffic and most importantly, a higher return on investment (ROI).

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How do you know which SEO specialist will help you achieve your goals?

Best SEOWhy should you hire SEO by the Hour over all the other search engine optimization consultants and agencies? We could give you many reasons why, but so could the others. The best way to figure this question out is to research each company that interests you and find out what sets them apart. Try to find out if they are offering anything unique or if they have experience working in your industry. Ask them if they can provide past successes, recommendations or proof that they can successfully do SEO as of the year 2014. If you start asking enough questions, you'll get to the truth real quick. The fact is, many SEO companies out there either provide the lowest form of SEO marketing, while others are simply amateurs and only have experience getting their own sites to rank. You owe it to yourself and your business to make sure you hire a professional that will help your business grow.

Contact us to discover how transparent we are about our experience, strategies and services. We look forward to talking with you about how our business can help yours succeed..


Current SEO Services & Beyond

SEO Traffic IncreaseWe offer a variety of organic SEO services ranging from strategic social media marketing & website optimization to advanced local SEO and post-update link building. Just like you were able to find this site ranking on the SERPs today, you can find our clients ranking for some of the most competitive keywords across the board. All strategies we implement are with the future in mind. We knew Google was going to release new algorithm updates and we expect more to come. (We're actually looking forward to them.) If you need a professional hands-on search engine optimization specialist to help your website obtain rankings, traffic and revenue, look no further. SEO by the Hour is here to help.

*Even though SEO by the Hour is a California SEO company, we help websites rank nationally and possess clients from the U.S. to Austrailia.